ID 51-60mm

ID 51-60mmOil seals with a 51mm - 60mm Inside diameter are used in applications such as Automotive, Pumps and Electric Motors. Used to exclude water, dust and dirt from Applications.

Price breaks are available on the 51mm to 60mm ID Oilseals. Please see item pages.

Listed Numerically by Inside Diameter.

Inside Diameter 51mm - 60mm

Ref No Description ID OD Thickness Price
OilSeal52X65X8 OilSeal52X65X8 Oil Seal - 52x65x8 52mm 65mm 8mm £6.30
OilSeal52X65X9 OilSeal52X65X9 Oil Seal - 52x65x9 52mm 65mm 9mm £6.30
OilSeal52X65X10 OilSeal52X65X10 Oil Seal - 52x65x10 52mm 65mm 10mm £6.30
OilSeal52X68X7 OilSeal52X68X7 Oil Seal - 52x68x7 52mm 68mm 7mm £6.30
OilSeal52X68X8 OilSeal52X68X8 Oil Seal - 52x68x8 52mm 68mm 8mm £6.30
OilSeal52X68X10 OilSeal52X68X10 Oil Seal - 52x68x10 52mm 68mm 10mm £6.30
OilSeal52X68X13 OilSeal52X68X13 Oil Seal - 52x68x13 52mm 68mm 13mm £6.30
OilSeal52X70X9 OilSeal52X70X9 Oil Seal - 52x70x9 52mm 70mm 9mm £6.30
OilSeal52X72X8 OilSeal52X72X8 Oil Seal - 52x72x8 52mm 72mm 8mm £6.30
OilSeal52X72X9 OilSeal52X72X9 Oil Seal - 52x72x9 52mm 72mm 9mm £6.30
OilSeal52X72X10 OilSeal52X72X10 Oil Seal - 52x72x10 52mm 72mm 10mm £6.30
OilSeal52X72X12 OilSeal52X72X12 Oil Seal - 52x72x12 52mm 72mm 12mm £6.30
OilSeal52X75X10 OilSeal52X75X10 Oil Seal - 52x75x10 52mm 75mm 10mm £6.30
OilSeal52X75X12 OilSeal52X75X12 Oil Seal - 52x75x12 52mm 75mm 12mm £6.30
OilSeal52X80X8 OilSeal52X80X8 Oil Seal - 52x80x8 52mm 80mm 8mm £6.30
OilSeal52X80X10 OilSeal52X80X10 Oil Seal - 52x80x10 52mm 80mm 10mm £6.30
OilSeal52X80X13 OilSeal52X80X13 Oil Seal - 52x80x13 52mm 80mm 13mm £6.30
OilSeal52X85X10 OilSeal52X85X10 Oil Seal - 52x85x10 52mm 85mm 10mm £6.30
OilSeal53X68X10 OilSeal53X68X10 Oil Seal - 53x68x10 53mm 68mm 10mm £6.30
OilSeal54X70X9 OilSeal54X70X9 Oil Seal - 54x70x9 54mm 70mm 9mm £6.30
OilSeal54X72X8 OilSeal54X72X8 Oil Seal - 54x72x8 54mm 72mm 8mm £6.30
OilSeal54X72X10 OilSeal54X72X10 Oil Seal - 54x72x10 54mm 72mm 10mm £6.30
OilSeal54X80X10 OilSeal54X80X10 Oil Seal - 54x80x10 54mm 80mm 10mm £6.30
OilSeal54X82X11 OilSeal54X82X11 Oil Seal - 54x82x11 54mm 82mm 11mm £6.30
OilSeal54X85X10 OilSeal54X85X10 Oil Seal - 54x85x10 54mm 85mm 10mm £6.30
OilSeal54X90X13 OilSeal54X90X13 Oil Seal - 54x90x13 54mm 90mm 13mm £6.30
OilSeal54X140X12 OilSeal54X140X12 Oil Seal - 54x140x12 54mm 140mm 12mm £6.30
OilSeal55X65X8 OilSeal55X65X8 Oil Seal - 55x65x8 55mm 65mm 8mm £6.60
OilSeal55X68X8 OilSeal55X68X8 Oil Seal - 55x68x8 55mm 68mm 8mm £6.60
OilSeal55X68X10 OilSeal55X68X10 Oil Seal - 55x68x10 55mm 68mm 10mm £6.60
OilSeal55X70X8 OilSeal55X70X8 Oil Seal - 55x70x8 55mm 70mm 8mm £6.60
OilSeal55X70X10 OilSeal55X70X10 Oil Seal - 55x70x10 55mm 70mm 10mm £6.60
OilSeal55X72X8 OilSeal55X72X8 Oil Seal - 55x72x8 55mm 72mm 8mm £6.60
OilSeal55X72X9 OilSeal55X72X9 Oil Seal - 55x72x9 55mm 72mm 9mm £6.60
OilSeal55X72X10 OilSeal55X72X10 Oil Seal - 55x72x10 55mm 72mm 10mm £6.60
OilSeal55X75X8 OilSeal55X75X8 Oil Seal - 55x75x8 55mm 75mm 8mm £6.60
OilSeal55X75X9 OilSeal55X75X9 Oil Seal - 55x75x9 55mm 75mm 9mm £6.60
OilSeal55X75X10 OilSeal55X75X10 Oil Seal - 55x75x10 55mm 75mm 10mm £6.60
OilSeal55X75X12 OilSeal55X75X12 Oil Seal - 55x75x12 55mm 75mm 12mm £6.60
OilSeal55X78X8 OilSeal55X78X8 Oil Seal - 55x78x8 55mm 78mm 8mm £6.60
OilSeal55X78X9 OilSeal55X78X9 Oil Seal - 55x78x9 55mm 78mm 9mm £6.60
OilSeal55X78X10 OilSeal55X78X10 Oil Seal - 55x78x10 55mm 78mm 10mm £6.60
OilSeal55X78X12 OilSeal55X78X12 Oil Seal - 55x78x12 55mm 78mm 12mm £6.60
OilSeal55X80X8 OilSeal55X80X8 Oil Seal - 55x80x8 55mm 80mm 8mm £6.60
OilSeal55X80X10 OilSeal55X80X10 Oil Seal - 55x80x10 55mm 80mm 10mm £6.60
OilSeal55X80X12 OilSeal55X80X12 Oil Seal - 55x80x12 55mm 80mm 12mm £6.60
OilSeal55X80X13 OilSeal55X80X13 Oil Seal - 55x80x13 55mm 80mm 13mm £6.60
OilSeal55X85X8 OilSeal55X85X8 Oil Seal - 55x85x8 55mm 85mm 8mm £6.60
OilSeal55X85X10 OilSeal55X85X10 Oil Seal - 55x85x10 55mm 85mm 10mm £6.60
OilSeal55X85X12 OilSeal55X85X12 Oil Seal - 55x85x12 55mm 85mm 12mm £6.60
OilSeal55X90X8 OilSeal55X90X8 Oil Seal - 55x90x8 55mm 90mm 8mm £6.60
OilSeal55X90X10 OilSeal55X90X10 Oil Seal - 55x90x10 55mm 90mm 10mm £6.60
OilSeal55X100X10 OilSeal55X100X10 Oil Seal - 55x100x10 55mm 100mm 10mm £6.60
OilSeal55X100X12 OilSeal55X100X12 Oil Seal - 55x100x12 55mm 100mm 12mm £6.60
OilSeal56X70X8 OilSeal56X70X8 Oil Seal - 56x70x8 56mm 70mm 8mm £6.60
OilSeal56X72X8 OilSeal56X72X8 Oil Seal - 56x72x8 56mm 72mm 8mm £6.60
OilSeal56X80X8 OilSeal56X80X8 Oil Seal - 56x80x8 56mm 80mm 8mm £6.60
OilSeal56X85X8 OilSeal56X85X8 Oil Seal - 56x85x8 56mm 85mm 8mm £6.60
OilSeal56X85X13 OilSeal56X85X13 Oil Seal - 56x85x13 56mm 85mm 13mm £6.60
OilSeal56X100X10 OilSeal56X100X10 Oil Seal - 56x100x10 56mm 100mm 10mm £6.60
OilSeal57X80X12 OilSeal57X80X12 Oil Seal - 57x80x12 57mm 80mm 12mm £6.60
OilSeal57X85X12 OilSeal57X85X12 Oil Seal - 57x85x12 57mm 85mm 12mm £6.60
OilSeal57X90X13 OilSeal57X90X13 Oil Seal - 57x90x13 57mm 90mm 13mm £6.60
OilSeal58X72X8 OilSeal58X72X8 Oil Seal - 58x72x8 58mm 72mm 8mm £6.60
OilSeal58X75X9 OilSeal58X75X9 Oil Seal - 58x75x9 58mm 75mm 9mm £6.60
OilSeal58X78X9 OilSeal58X78X9 Oil Seal - 58x78x9 58mm 78mm 9mm £6.60
OilSeal58X78X13 OilSeal58X78X13 Oil Seal - 58x78x13 58mm 78mm 13mm £6.60
OilSeal58X80X8 OilSeal58X80X8 Oil Seal - 58x80x8 58mm 80mm 8mm £6.60
OilSeal58X80X9 OilSeal58X80X9 Oil Seal - 58x80x9 58mm 80mm 9mm £6.60
OilSeal58X80X10 OilSeal58X80X10 Oil Seal - 58x80x10 58mm 80mm 10mm £6.60
OilSeal58X80X12 OilSeal58X80X12 Oil Seal - 58x80x12 58mm 80mm 12mm £6.60
OilSeal58X80X13 OilSeal58X80X13 Oil Seal - 58x80x13 58mm 80mm 13mm £6.60
OilSeal58X85X8 OilSeal58X85X8 Oil Seal - 58x85x8 58mm 85mm 8mm £6.60
OilSeal58X85X10 OilSeal58X85X10 Oil Seal - 58x85x10 58mm 85mm 10mm £6.60
OilSeal58X85X12 OilSeal58X85X12 Oil Seal - 58x85x12 58mm 85mm 12mm £6.60
OilSeal58X90X10 OilSeal58X90X10 Oil Seal - 58x90x10 58mm 90mm 10mm £6.60
OilSeal58X90X11 OilSeal58X90X11 Oil Seal - 58x90x11 58mm 90mm 11mm £6.60
OilSeal60X70X8 OilSeal60X70X8 Oil Seal - 60x70x8 60mm 70mm 8mm £6.90
OilSeal60X70X10 OilSeal60X70X10 Oil Seal - 60x70x10 60mm 70mm 10mm £6.90
OilSeal60X72X8 OilSeal60X72X8 Oil Seal - 60x72x8 60mm 72mm 8mm £6.90
OilSeal60X74X10 OilSeal60X74X10 Oil Seal - 60x74x10 60mm 74mm 10mm £6.90
OilSeal60X75X8 OilSeal60X75X8 Oil Seal - 60x75x8 60mm 75mm 8mm £6.90
OilSeal60X75X9 OilSeal60X75X9 Oil Seal - 60x75x9 60mm 75mm 9mm £6.90
OilSeal60X75X10 OilSeal60X75X10 Oil Seal - 60x75x10 60mm 75mm 10mm £6.90
OilSeal60X78X9 OilSeal60X78X9 Oil Seal - 60x78x9 60mm 78mm 9mm £6.90
OilSeal60X78X10 OilSeal60X78X10 Oil Seal - 60x78x10 60mm 78mm 10mm £6.90
OilSeal60X80X7 OilSeal60X80X7 Oil Seal - 60x80x7 60mm 80mm 7mm £6.90
OilSeal60X80X8 OilSeal60X80X8 Oil Seal - 60x80x8 60mm 80mm 8mm £6.90
OilSeal60X80X10 OilSeal60X80X10 Oil Seal - 60x80x10 60mm 80mm 10mm £6.90
OilSeal60X80X12 OilSeal60X80X12 Oil Seal - 60x80x12 60mm 80mm 12mm £6.90
OilSeal60X80X13 OilSeal60X80X13 Oil Seal - 60x80x13 60mm 80mm 13mm £6.90
OilSeal60X82X9 OilSeal60X82X9 Oil Seal - 60x82x9 60mm 82mm 9mm £6.90
OilSeal60X82X12 OilSeal60X82X12 Oil Seal - 60x82x12 60mm 82mm 12mm £6.90
OilSeal60X85X8 OilSeal60X85X8 Oil Seal - 60x85x8 60mm 85mm 8mm £6.90
OilSeal60X85X10 OilSeal60X85X10 Oil Seal - 60x85x10 60mm 85mm 10mm £6.90
OilSeal60X85X12 OilSeal60X85X12 Oil Seal - 60x85x12 60mm 85mm 12mm £6.90
OilSeal60X90X8 OilSeal60X90X8 Oil Seal - 60x90x8 60mm 90mm 8mm £6.90
OilSeal60X90X10 OilSeal60X90X10 Oil Seal - 60x90x10 60mm 90mm 10mm £6.90
OilSeal60X90X13 OilSeal60X90X13 Oil Seal - 60x90x13 60mm 90mm 13mm £6.90
OilSeal60X95X10 OilSeal60X95X10 Oil Seal - 60x95x10 60mm 95mm 10mm £6.90
OilSeal60X95X12 OilSeal60X95X12 Oil Seal - 60x95x12 60mm 95mm 12mm £6.90
OilSeal60X100X10 OilSeal60X100X10 Oil Seal - 60x100x10 60mm 100mm 10mm £6.90
OilSeal60X100X13 OilSeal60X100X13 Oil Seal - 60x100x13 60mm 100mm 13mm £6.90
OilSeal60X110X10 OilSeal60X110X10 Oil Seal - 60x110x10 60mm 110mm 10mm £6.90
OilSeal60X110X12 OilSeal60X110X12 Oil Seal - 60x110x12 60mm 110mm 12mm £6.90
OilSeal60X110X13 OilSeal60X110X13 Oil Seal - 60x110x13 60mm 110mm 13mm £6.90
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