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Secure Payments

Card security is very important to Bearing Station. With that in mind we have aligned ourselves with PayPoint who are a market leader in Card protection. This means that Bearing Station at no time hold your card information and you can be sure that your personal card details are kept private and safe.

We have provided details below and a link where you can check what measures PayPoint take to protect your card details for you to view and give you piece of mind

An infrastructure you can rely on

A house is only as strong as the foundations it’s built upon. Which is why it’s good to know that the platform on which stands – our technical infrastructure – is absolutely rock solid.

We’re underpinned by the three essential strengths you should always look for in a payment processor: we’re stable, we’re industry-certified and we’re secure…

Stability - inbuilt resilience for complete confidence

System architecture experts have shaped the platform across multiple sites around an N+1 Network Design Architecture. This provides extensive fault tolerance, not only for systems but also for communications, with dual site independence or concurrent multi-site processing possible within seconds. So should the worst happen – whatever that ‘worst’ is – we’ve got it covered.

Key features:

  • Full disaster recovery remote location and an additional replicated data centre
  • Massive processing capability via Tier III data-centre hosted systems
  • Highly scalable infrastructure – systems operate at a maximum of 20% capacity
  • ‘Hot’ deployment – without interruption – of all new hardware when utilisation exceeds just 50% of resources
  • 24/7/365 monitoring by our systems support teams

PCI Certified - Audited at the highest level

The scrutiny we come under at is reassuringly unforgiving… auditing, security assessment, testing, compliance, and certification are all a necessary part of the service we provide. Nothing but the best will do. So that’s what we always do. The best.

Key features:

  • PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standard Level 1
  • The platform is audited annually at all sites by both Visa- and MasterCard-approved security assessors
  • networks are scanned quarterly by assessors
  • We complete monthly administration and testing requirements to ensure compliance in all aspects of payments processing
  • As part of a publicly listed FTSE company, is audited regularly by Deloitte

Security - Our obsession, your peace of mind

In our business you can never have too much security. Consequently,’s investment in the latest security systems, measures and software is substantial and ongoing…

Key features:

  • Cardholder data is subject to multiple algorithm encryption that exceeds required PCI standards
  • All data is stored on dedicated web-inaccessible single-function servers
  • Internally, data is protected by network and physical access controls
  • Even entry for basic site maintenance requires independent authentication by two employees
  • All sites use intrusion detection and prevention systems
  • We apply DDOS (distributed denial of service) mitigation
  • Firewalls are state-of-the-art from CISCO

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