Sprockets are used in Motorcycles, Cars, Bicycles, and other Machinery are used with Chain to drive the Mechanism on an application. Taper bore, Pilot Bore and Platewheels are available.

Sprockets Details


A sprocket is a profiled wheel with teeth that meshes with a chain. It is used to transmit power from motors/gearboxes to a conveyor system. It can also be found in cars, motorbikes and many other applications. The sprockets come in various styles Pilot bore which means that the sprocket come with a stock bore requiring you to bore out and key to fit directly onto a shaft. Taper Bushed which means it has been bored already to fit a bush directly into the sprocket which in turn will fit onto your shaft. The Taper Bushes come in various shaft sizes. You can buy the sprocket as a Plate Wheel which has no boss. Simplex which means that it fits a single strand of chain. Duplex connected a double chain together, Triplex three chains connected together. Or Double simplex to connect two different chains with a boss in the centre separating to the chains. The sprockets come in different pitches from 3/8"pitch to 1/2" pitch, 5/8" pitch, 3/4" pitch and 1" pitch

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