WMX Bush

WMX BushWMX (also known as PM) Bush/Plain Bearings have a Plastic lining called Acetal inside the bearing and also there is an Oil hole to alllow for lubrication. These bearings are lightweight, compact and offer a High Load-carrying capacity.
Widely used in construction equipment, Machinery and Valves.

If you do not see the size of WMX/PM Bush you require, give us a call on 0844 335 6153

WMX/DX - 3mm - 15mm

Ref No Description ID OD Length(mm) Price
PM0808WMX PM0808WMX Bush Bearing 8x10x8mm 8mm 10mm 8mm £2.40
PM0810WMX PM0810WMX Bush Bearing 8x10x10mm 8mm 10mm 10mm £2.40
PM0812WMX PM0812WMX Bush Bearing 8x10x12mm 8mm 10mm 12mm £2.40
PM1010WMX PM1010WMX Bush Bearing 10x12x10mm 10mm 12mm 10mm £3.00
PM1012WMX PM1012WMX Bush Bearing 10x12x12mm 10mm 12mm 12mm £3.00
PM1015WMX PM1015WMX Bush Bearing 10x12x15mm 10mm 12mm 15mm £3.00
PM1020WMX PM1020WMX Bush Bearing 10x12x20mm 10mm 12mm 20mm £3.00
PM1210WMX PM1210WMX Bush Bearing 12x14x10mm 12mm 14mm 10mm £3.00
PM1212WMX PM1212WMX Bush Bearing 12x14x15mm 12mm 14mm 15mm £3.00
PM1215WMX PM1215WMX Bush Bearing 12x14x15mm 12mm 14mm 15mm £3.00
PM1220WMX PM1220WMX Bush Bearing 12x14x20mm 12mm 14mm 20mm £3.00
PM1225WMX PM1225WMX Bush Bearing 12x14x25mm 12mm 14mm 25mm £3.00
PM1415WMX PM1415WMX Bush Bearing 14x16x15mm 14mm 16mm 15mm £3.00
PM1420WMX PM1420WMX Bush Bearing 14x16x20mm 14mm 16mm 20mm £3.00
PM1425WMX PM1425WMX Bush Bearing 14x16x25mm 14mm 16mm 25mm £3.00
PM1510WMX PM1510WMX Bush Bearing 15x17x10mm 15mm 17mm 10mm £3.00
PM1512WMX PM1512WMX Bush Bearing 15x17x12mm 15mm 17mm 12mm £3.00
PM1515WMX PM1515WMX Bush Bearing 15x17x15mm 15mm 17mm 15mm £3.00
PM1525WMX PM1525WMX Bush Bearing 15x17x25mm 15mm 17mm 25mm £3.00
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WMX/DX - 16mm - 20mm

Ref No Description ID OD Length(mm) Price
PM1615WMX PM1615WMX Bush Bearing 16x18x15mm 16mm 18mm 15mm £3.00
PM1620WMX PM1620WMX Bush Bearing 16x18x20mm 16mm 18mm 20mm £3.00
PM1625WMX PM1625WMX Bush Bearing 16x18x25mm 16mm 18mm 25mm £3.00
PM1815WMX PM1815WMX Bush Bearing 18x20x15mm 18mm 20mm 15mm £3.00
PM1820WMX PM1820WMX Bush Bearing 18x20x20mm 18mm 20mm 20mm £3.00
PM1825WMX PM1825WMX Bush Bearing 18x20x25mm 18mm 20mm 25mm £3.00
PM2010WMX PM2010WMX Bush Bearing 20x23x10mm 20mm 23mm 10mm £3.60
PM2015WMX PM2015WMX Bush Bearing 20x23x15mm 20mm 23mm 15mm £3.60
PM2020WMX PM2020WMX Bush Bearing 20x23x20mm 20mm 23mm 20mm £3.60
PM2025WMX PM2025WMX Bush Bearing 20x23x25mm 20mm 23mm 25mm £3.60
PM2030WMX PM2030WMX Bush Bearing 20x23x30mm 20mm 23mm 30mm £3.60
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WMX/DX - 22mm - 45mm

Ref No Description ID OD Length(mm) Price
PM2215WMX PM2215WMX Bush Bearing 22x25x15mm 22mm 25mm 15mm £3.60
PM2220WMX PM2220WMX Bush Bearing 22x25x20mm 22mm 25mm 20mm £3.60
PM2225WMX PM2225WMX Bush Bearing 22x25x25mm 22mm 25mm 25mm £3.60
PM2230WMX PM2230WMX Bush Bearing 22x25x30mm 22mm 25mm 30mm £3.60
PM2415WMX PM2415WMX Bush Bearing 24x27x15mm 24mm 27mm 15mm £3.60
PM2420WMX PM2420WMX Bush Bearing 24x27x20mm 24mm 27mm 20mm £3.60
PM2425WMX PM2425WMX Bush Bearing 24x27x25mm 24mm 27mm 25mm £3.60
PM2430WMX PM2430WMX Bush Bearing 24x27x30mm 24mm 27mm 30mm £3.60
PM2515WMX PM2515WMX Bush Bearing 25x28x15mm 25mm 28mm 15mm £3.60
PM2520WMX PM2520WMX Bush Bearing 25x28x20mm 25mm 28mm 20mm £3.60
PM2525WMX PM2525WMX Bush Bearing 25x28x25mm 25mm 28mm 25mm £3.60
PM2530WMX PM2530WMX Bush Bearing 25x28x30mm 25mm 28mm 30mm £3.60
PM2820WMX PM2820WMX Bush Bearing 28x32x20mm 28mm 32mm 20mm £3.60
PM2825WMX PM2825WMX Bush Bearing 28x32x25mm 28mm 32mm 25mm £3.60
PM2830WMX PM2830WMX Bush Bearing 28x32x30mm 28mm 32mm 30mm £3.60
PM3020WMX PM3020WMX Bush Bearing 30x34x20mm 30mm 34mm 20mm £4.80
PM3030WMX PM3030WMX Bush Bearing 30x34x30mm 30mm 34mm 30mm £4.80
PM3040WMX PM3040WMX Bush Bearing 30x34x40mm 30mm 34mm 40mm £4.80
PM3220WMX PM3220WMX Bush Bearing 32x36x20mm 32mm 36mm 20mm £4.80
PM3230WMX PM3230WMX Bush Bearing 32x36x30mm 32mm 36mm 30mm £4.80
PM3240WMX PM3240WMX Bush Bearing 32x36x40mm 32mm 36mm 40mm £4.80
PM3335WMX PM3335WMX Bush Bearing 33x36x35mm 33mm 36mm 35mm £4.80
PM3520WMX PM3520WMX Bush Bearing 35x39x20mm 35mm 39mm 20mm £4.80
PM3530WMX PM3530WMX Bush Bearing 35x39x30mm 35mm 39mm 30mm £4.80
PM3550WMX PM3550WMX Bush Bearing 35x39x50mm 35mm 39mm 50mm £4.80
PM4020WMX PM4020WMX Bush Bearing 40x44x20mm 40mm 44mm 20mm £6.00
PM4030WMX PM4030WMX Bush Bearing 40x44x30mm 40mm 44mm 30mm £6.00
PM4040WMX PM4040WMX Bush Bearing 40x44x40mm 40mm 44mm 40mm £6.00
PM4050WMX PM4050WMX Bush Bearing 40x44x50mm 40mm 44mm 50mm £6.00
PM4520WMX PM4520WMX Bush Bearing 45x50x20mm 45mm 50mm 20mm £6.00
PM4530WMX PM4530WMX Bush Bearing 45x50x30mm 45mm 50mm 30mm £6.00
PM4540WMX PM4540WMX Bush Bearing 45x50x40mm 45mm 50mm 40mm £6.00
PM4545WMX PM4545WMX Bush Bearing 45x50x45mm 45mm 50mm 45mm £6.00
PM4550WMX PM4550WMX Bush Bearing 45x50x50mm 45mm 50mm 50mm £6.00
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WMX/DX - 50mm - 75mm

Ref No Description ID OD Length(mm) Price
PM5335WMX PM5335WMX Bush Bearing 35x39x35mm 35mm 39mm 35mm POA
PM5040WMX PM5040WMX Bush Bearing 50x55x40mm 50mm 55mm 40mm £7.20
PM5050WMX PM5050WMX Bush Bearing 50x55x50mm 50mm 55mm 50mm £7.20
PM5060WMX PM5060WMX Bush Bearing 50x55x60mm 50mm 55mm 60mm £7.20
PM5520WMX PM5520WMX Bush Bearing 55x60x20mm 55mm 60mm 20mm £7.20
PM5525WMX PM5525WMX Bush Bearing 55x60x25mm 55mm 60mm 25mm £7.20
PM5530WMX PM5530WMX Bush Bearing 55x60x30mm 55mm 60mm 30mm £7.20
PM5540WMX PM5540WMX Bush Bearing 55x60x40mm 55mm 60mm 40mm £7.20
PM5550WMX PM5550WMX Bush Bearing 55x60x50mm 55mm 60mm 50mm £7.20
PM5560WMX PM5560WMX Bush Bearing 55x60x60mm 55mm 60mm 60mm £7.20
PM6030WMX PM6030WMX Bush Bearing 60x65x30mm 60mm 65mm 30mm £8.40
PM6040WMX PM6040WMX Bush Bearing 60x65x40mm 60mm 65mm 40mm £8.40
PM6060WMX PM6060WMX Bush Bearing 60x65x60mm 60mm 65mm 60mm £8.40
PM6070WMX PM6070WMX Bush Bearing 60x65x70mm 60mm 65mm 70mm £8.40
PM6540WMX PM6540WMX Bush Bearing 65x70x40mm 65mm 70mm 40mm £8.40
PM6550WMX PM6550WMX Bush Bearing 65x70x50mm 65mm 70mm 50mm £8.40
PM6560WMX PM6560WMX Bush Bearing 65x70x60mm 65mm 70mm 60mm £8.40
PM6570WMX PM6570WMX Bush Bearing 65x70x70mm 65mm 70mm 70mm £8.40
PM7025WMX PM7025WMX Bush Bearing 70x75x25mm 70mm 75mm 25mm £12.00
PM7040WMX PM7040WMX Bush Bearing 70x75x40mm 70mm 75mm 40mm £12.00
PM7050WMX PM7050WMX Bush Bearing 70x75x50mm 70mm 75mm 50mm £12.00
PM7065WMX PM7065WMX Bush Bearing 70x75x65mm 70mm 75mm 65mm £12.00
PM7070WMX PM7070WMX Bush Bearing 70x75x70mm 70mm 75mm 70mm £12.00
PM7080WMX PM7080WMX Bush Bearing 70x75x80mm 70mm 75mm 80mm £12.00
PM7540WMX PM7540WMX Bush Bearing 75x80x40mm 75mm 80mm 40mm £12.00
PM7560WMX PM7560WMX Bush Bearing 75x80x60mm 75mm 80mm 60mm £12.00
PM7580WMX PM7580WMX Bush Bearing 75x80x80mm 75mm 80mm 80mm £12.00
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WMX/DX - 80mm - 180mm

Ref No Description ID OD Length(mm) Price
PM3535WMX PM3535WMX Bush Bearing 35x39x35mm 35mm 39mm 35mm £4.80
PM8040WMX PM8040WMX Bush Bearing 80x85x40mm 80mm 85mm 40mm £19.20
PM8060WMX PM8060WMX Bush Bearing 80x85x60mm 80mm 85mm 60mm £19.20
PM8080WMX PM8080WMX Bush Bearing 80x85x80mm 80mm 85mm 80mm £19.20
PM80100WMX PM80100WMX Bush Bearing 80x85x100mm 80mm 85mm 100mm £19.20
PM8530WMX PM8530WMX Bush Bearing 85x90x30mm 85mm 90mm 30mm £19.20
PM8540WMX PM8540WMX Bush Bearing 85x90x40mm 85mm 90mm 40mm £19.20
PM8560WMX PM8560WMX Bush Bearing 85x90x60mm 85mm 90mm 60mm £19.20
PM8580WMX PM8580WMX Bush Bearing 85x90x80mm 85mm 90mm 80mm £19.20
PM85100WMX PM85100WMX Bush Bearing 85x90x100mm 85mm 90mm 100mm £19.20
PM9025WMX PM9025WMX Bush Bearing 90x95x25mm 90mm 95mm 25mm £20.40
PM9040WMX PM9040WMX Bush Bearing 90x95x40mm 90mm 95mm 40mm £20.40
PM9060WMX PM9060WMX Bush Bearing 90x95x60mm 90mm 95mm 60mm £20.40
PM9080WMX PM9080WMX Bush Bearing 90x95x80mm 90mm 95mm 80mm £20.40
PM9090WMX PM9090WMX Bush Bearing 90x95x90mm 90mm 95mm 90mm £20.40
PM901000WMX PM901000WMX Bush Bearing 90x95x100mm 90mm 95mm 100mm £20.40
PM9560WMX PM9560WMX Bush Bearing 95x100x60mm 95mm 100mm 60mm £20.40
PM95100WMX PM95100WMX Bush Bearing 95x100x100mm 95mm 100mm 100mm £20.40
PM10050WMX PM10050WMX Bush Bearing 100x105x50mm 100mm 105mm 50mm £21.00
PM10060WMX PM10060WMX Bush Bearing 100x105x60mm 100mm 105mm 60mm £21.00
PM10080WMX PM10080WMX Bush Bearing 100x105x80mm 100mm 105mm 80mm £21.00
PM10095WMX PM10095WMX Bush Bearing 100x105x95mm 100mm 105mm 95mm £21.00
PM100115WMX PM100115WMX Bush Bearing 100x105x115mm 100mm 105mm 115mm £21.00
PM10560WMX PM10560WMX Bush Bearing 105x110x60mm 105mm 110mm 60mm £21.00
PM105115WMX PM105115WMX Bush Bearing 105x110x115mm 105mm 110mm 115mm £21.00
PM11060WMX PM11060WMX Bush Bearing 110x115x60mm 110mm 115mm 60mm £21.60
PM110110WMX PM110110WMX Bush Bearing 110x115x110mm 110mm 115mm 110mm £21.60
PM110115WMX PM110115WMX Bush Bearing 110x115x115mm 110mm 115mm 115mm £21.60
PM11550WMX PM11550WMX Bush Bearing 115x120x50mm 115mm 120mm 50mm £21.60
PM11570WMX PM11570WMX Bush Bearing 115x120x70mm 115mm 120mm 70mm £21.60
PM12060WMX PM12060WMX Bush Bearing 120x125x60mm 120mm 125mm 60mm £22.80
PM12100WMX PM12100WMX Bush Bearing 120x125x100mm 120mm 125mm 100mm £22.80
PM12110WMX PM12110WMX Bush Bearing 120x125x110mm 120mm 125mm 110mm £22.80
PM12560WMX PM12560WMX Bush Bearing 125x130x60mm 125mm 130mm 60mm £22.80
PM125100WMX PM125100WMX Bush Bearing 125x130x100mm 125mm 130mm 100mm £22.80
PM125110WMX PM125110WMX Bush Bearing 125x130x110mm 125mm 130mm 110mm £22.80
PM13050WMX PM13050WMX Bush Bearing 130x135x50mm 130mm 135mm 50mm £24.00
PM13060WMX PM13060WMX Bush Bearing 130x135x60mm 130mm 135mm 60mm £24.00
PM13080WMX PM13080WMX Bush Bearing 130x135x80mm 130mm 135mm 80mm £24.00
PM130100WMX PM130100WMX Bush Bearing 130x135x100mm 130mm 135mm 100mm £24.00
PM13560WMX PM13560WMX Bush Bearing 135x140x60mm 135mm 140mm 60mm £26.40
PM13580WMX PM13580WMX Bush Bearing 135x140x80mm 135mm 140mm 80mm £26.40
PM14050WMX PM14050WMX Bush Bearing 140x145x50mm 140mm 145mm 50mm £27.60
PM14060WMX PM14060WMX Bush Bearing 140x145x60mm 140mm 145mm 60mm £27.60
PM14080WMX PM14080WMX Bush Bearing 140x145x80mm 140mm 145mm 80mm £27.60
PM140100WMX PM140100WMX Bush Bearing 140x145x100mm 140mm 145mm 100mm £27.60
PM145100WMX PM145100WMX Bush Bearing 145x150x100mm 145mm 150mm 100mm £28.80
PM16050WMX PM16050WMX Bush Bearing 160x165x50mm 160mm 165mm 50mm £31.20
PM16060WMX PM16060WMX Bush Bearing 160x165x60mm 160mm 165mm 60mm £31.20
PM16080WMX PM16080WMX Bush Bearing 160x165x80mm 160mm 165mm 80mm £31.20
PM160100WMX PM160100WMX Bush Bearing 160x165x100mm 160mm 165mm 100mm £31.20
PM17050WMX PM17050WMX Bush Bearing 170x175x50mm 170mm 175mm 50mm £33.60
PM17060WMX PM17060WMX Bush Bearing 170x175x60mm 170mm 175mm 60mm £33.60
PM17080WMX PM17080WMX Bush Bearing 170x175x80mm 170mm 175mm 80mm £33.60
PM170100WMX PM170100WMX Bush Bearing 170x175x100mm 170mm 175mm 100mm £33.60
PM18050WMX PM18050WMX Bush Bearing 180x185x50mm 180mm 185mm 50mm £36.00
PM18060WMX PM18060WMX Bush Bearing 180x185x60mm 180mm 185mm 60mm £36.00
PM18080WMX PM18080WMX Bush Bearing 180x185x80mm 180mm 185mm 80mm £36.00
PM180100WMX PM180100WMX Bush Bearing 180x185x100mm 180mm 185mm 100mm £36.00
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