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Questions on V, HTD and Timing Pulleys.

Do the V Pulleys come with a Taper Bush?

No.  Taper Bushes need to be purchased seperately.  You will find the bush required either on the Pulley or on our website click on each listing and it will State "Bush Needed".
Then its just a case of selecting the shaft size required.

How many Grooves do I need my pulley to have?

This comes down to how many belts are running on your Application.  If there are 4 belts on the Pulley for example you would go with a 4 Groove Pulley. 
The image to the side shows a 4 Groove pulley but we do have pulleys from 1 to 8 Grooves.

Which section of Pulley do I need?

This comes down to the belt you have running on the Pulley.  If you have a SPA Section belt you would need to buy a SPA Section Pulley.

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