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O Rings

Not sure on the Size? Or the Material? Have a look in here

How do i measure an O Ring?

Measuring an O-Ring is very simple.  Measure the ID (Inside Diameter) and the Thickness. 

For example if we say the ID is 25mm and the Thickness is 2mm then you select a OR25x2 if you need it in Nitrile or OR25x2VIT if you need it in the Viton.

If you are having problems measuring the ID you can Measure the OD (Outside Diameter) and the Thickness and it's possible to work out the size from here.  If you have an O ring that measures 30mm on the outside and is 2mm thick.  To work out the ID it would be OD - Width - Width (30-2-2) = 26mm.  So you would select a OR26x2

Which Material Do I need?

The Two Materials we offer are Nitrile and Viton.

Nitrile has a shore Hardness of 70 and a temperature range of -40°c to +110°c

Viton has a shore hardness of 75 and a tamperature range of -40°c to 220°c



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