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From V Belts, Timing Belts, poly V belts and more. Some FAQS on Belts.

How do I know which Poly V Belt I need?

First check the length.  Poly V Belts have the Metric and Imperial sizes.  So if your belt is 457mm Long it would be 18" long also
Next thing to check is how many ribs a belt has. The example at the side has 4 Ribs so you would be looking for a 4PJ457/180.

I have a V Belt but there are no markings on it. What Part do I need?

First check the Top Width and Height of the Belt.  Please see the list and sizes below:

Z Section - 10mm x 6mm
A Section - 13mm x 8mm
B Section - 17mm x 11mm
C Section - 22mm x 14mm
D Section  - 32mm x 19mm

Next measure the size of the belt on the Inside. So lets say you are getting an Inside Measurement of 26" and a Width and Height of 13mm and 8mm respectively. 
You would need an A Section belt so an A26 V Belt is what you would choose. It's as easy as that.




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