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90 Degree Grease Nipple

Bearing Station Stock H3-4-UF 90 Degree Grease Nipples. This 1/4" thread 90 Degree Grease Nipple is made from Steel.

Ref: H3-4-UF
Brand: Neutral
Nipple G 1/4 – 1/4 UNF

LAPN1/4UNF - Nipple G 1/4 – 1/4 UNF

The SKF SYSTEM 24 is a single point

automatic lubricator. It consists of a

transparent container filled with a

specified lubricant and a cartridge

containing an electrochemical gas

cell that produces hydrogen.

Once activated, the internal batteries

are electrically connected and gas

production begins. The gas production

rate is proportional to the electrical

current, and can be varied by

selecting the appropriate dispense

period on the time dial on top of the

lubricator. The dispense period can be

between 1 and 12 months.

Brand: SKF
SKF Grease Test Kit

The SKF Grease Test Kit TKGT - has been

designed to properly apply this methodology.

By using it, three different tests can be

performed: consistency (patent applied for),

oil bleeding properties and contamination.

This allows the user to have - good

understanding of the grease condition and

take decisions directly in the field. The

SKF TKGT - includes guidelines for properly

interpreting the results of the tests

Brand: SKF
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