ID - 150mm - 199.99mm

ID - 150mm - 199.99mmNitrile O Rings with an ID of 150mm - 199.99mm work in a variety of application such as Agricultural, Dairy, Plumbing, Agricultural, Pumps, Mining, Rail, Transport, Wheels, General Engineering and even inside Electronic cigarettes.

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Nitrile O Rings - 150mm - 199.99mm

Ref No Description ID OD Width Price
OR150X3 OR150X3 Nitrile O Ring 150mm x 3mm 150mm 156mm 3mm £4.80
OR150X4 OR150X4 Nitrile O Ring 150mm x 4mm 150mm 158mm 4mm £4.80
OR150X5 OR150X5 Nitrile O Ring 150mm x 5mm 150mm 160mm 5mm £4.80
RM1545-84 RM1545-84 Nitrile O Ring 154.1mm x 8.4mm 154.1mm 170.9mm 8.4mm £4.80
RM1543-57 RM1543-57 Nitrile O Ring 154.3mm x 5.7mm 154.3mm 165.7mm 5.7mm £4.80
RM1545-30 RM1545-30 Nitrile O Ring 154.5mm x 3mm 154.5mm 160.5mm 3mm £4.80
OR155X4 OR155X4 Nitrile O Ring 155mm x 4mm 155mm 163mm 4mm £4.80
OR156X4 OR156X4 Nitrile O Ring 156mm x 4mm 156mm 164mm 4mm £4.80
RM1591-84 RM1591-84 Nitrile O Ring 159.1mm x 8.4mm 159.1mm 175.9mm 8.4mm £4.80
RM1593-57 RM1593-57 Nitrile O Ring 159.3mm x 5.7mm 159.3mm 170.7mm 5.7mm £4.80
RM1595-30 RM1595-30 Nitrile O Ring 159.5mm x 3mm 159.5mm 165.5mm 3mm £4.80
OR160X3 OR160X3 Nitrile O Ring 160mm x 3mm 160mm 166mm 3mm £4.80
OR160X4 OR160X4 Nitrile O Ring 160mm x 4mm 160mm 168mm 4mm £4.80
OR160X5 OR160X5 Nitrile O Ring 160mm x 5mm 160mm 170mm 5mm £4.80
RM1641-84 RM1641-84 Nitrile O Ring 164.1mm x 8.4mm 164.1mm 180.9mm 8.4mm £4.80
RM1643-57 RM1643-57 Nitrile O Ring 164.3mm x 5.7mm 164.3mm 175.7mm 5.7mm £4.80
RM1645-30 RM1645-30 Nitrile O Ring 164.5mm x 3mm 164.5mm 170.5mm 3mm £4.80
OR165X1 OR165X1 Nitrile O Ring 165mm x 1mm 165mm 167mm 1mm £4.80
OR165X3 OR165X3 Nitrile O Ring 165mm x 3mm 165mm 171mm 3mm £4.80
OR165X7 OR165X7 Nitrile O Ring 165mm x 7mm 165mm 179mm 7mm £4.80
RM1691-84 RM1691-84 Nitrile O Ring 169.1mm x 8.4mm 169.1mm 185.9mm 8.4mm £4.80
RM1693-57 RM1693-57 Nitrile O Ring 169.3mm x 5.7mm 169.3mm 180.7mm 5.7mm £4.80
RM1695-30 RM1695-30 Nitrile O Ring 169.5mm x 3mm 169.5mm 175.5mm 3mm £4.80
OR170X3 OR170X3 Nitrile O Ring 170mm x 3mm 170mm 176mm 3mm £4.80
OR170X4 OR170X4 Nitrile O Ring 170mm x 4mm 170mm 178mm 4mm £4.80
OR170X5 OR170X5 Nitrile O Ring 170mm x 5mm 170mm 180mm 5mm £4.80
OR174X3 OR174X3 Nitrile O Ring 174mm x 3mm 174mm 180mm 3mm £4.80
RM1741-84 RM1741-84 Nitrile O Ring 174.1mm x 8.4mm 174.1mm 190.9mm 8.4mm £4.80
RM1743-57 RM1743-57 Nitrile O Ring 174.3mm x 5.7mm 174.3mm 185.7mm 5.7mm £4.80
RM1745-30 RM1745-30 Nitrile O Ring 174.5mm x 3mm 174.5mm 180.5mm 3mm £4.80
OR175X4 OR175X4 Nitrile O Ring 175mm x 4mm 175mm 183mm 4mm £4.80
RM1791-84 RM1791-84 Nitrile O Ring 179.1mm x 8.4mm 179.1mm 195.9mm 8.4mm £4.80
RM1793-57 RM1793-57 Nitrile O Ring 179.3mm x 5.7mm 179.3mm 190.7mm 5.7mm £4.80
RM1795-30 RM1795-30 Nitrile O Ring 179.5mm x 3mm 179.5mm 185.5mm 3mm £4.80
OR180X4 OR180X4 Nitrile O Ring 180mm x 4mm 180mm 188mm 4mm £4.80
RM1841-84 RM1841-84 Nitrile O Ring 184.1mm x 8.4mm 184.1mm 200.9mm 8.4mm £4.80
RM1843-57 RM1843-57 Nitrile O Ring 184.3mm x 5.7mm 184.3mm 195.7mm 5.7mm £4.80
RM1845-30 RM1845-30 Nitrile O Ring 184.5mm x 3mm 184.5mm 190.5mm 3mm £4.80
OR186X3 OR186X3 Nitrile O Ring 186mm x 3mm 186mm 192mm 3mm £4.80
RM1891-84 RM1891-84 Nitrile O Ring 189.1mm x 8.4mm 189.1mm 205.9mm 8.4mm £4.80
RM1893-57 RM1893-57 Nitrile O Ring 189.3mm x 5.7mm 189.3mm 200.7mm 5.7mm £4.80
RM1895-30 RM1895-30 Nitrile O Ring 189.5mm x 3mm 189.5mm 195.5mm 3mm £4.80
OR190X3 OR190X3 Nitrile O Ring 190mm x 3mm 190mm 196mm 3mm £4.80
OR192X3 OR192X3 Nitrile O Ring 192mm x 3mm 192mm 198mm 3mm £4.80
RM1941-84 RM1941-84 Nitrile O Ring 194.1mm x 8.4mm 194.1mm 210.9mm 8.4mm £4.80
RM1943-57 RM1943-57 Nitrile O Ring 194.3mm x 5.7mm 194.3mm 205.7mm 5.7mm £4.80
RM1945-30 RM1945-30 Nitrile O Ring 194.5mm x 3mm 194.5mm 200.5mm 3mm £4.80
OR195X3 OR195X3 Nitrile O Ring 195mm x 3mm 195mm 201mm 3mm £4.80
RM1991-84 RM1991-84 Nitrile O Ring 199.1mm x 8.4mm 199.1mm 215.9mm 8.4mm £4.80
RM1993-57 RM1993-57 Nitrile O Ring 199.3mm x 5.7mm 199.3mm 210.7mm 5.7mm £4.80
RM1995-30 RM1995-30 Nitrile O Ring 199.5mm x 3mm 199.5mm 205.5mm 3mm £4.80
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